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The History of the Assault Rifle

The assault rifle has been in the news a lot lately; there is much controversy surrounding this class of weapon. Where did these guns come from, and how did they become such a popular weapon for hunting? Combat Weapons Assault rifles were first considered during and after World War I. During the first World War, most soldiers used bolt-action rifles. These were old school. These old school rifles would shoot fast, and they were designed to be precise, but only if the rifleman had the skill to make it precise. These bolt-action weapons were very powerful and accurate, but...

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Guns and the GOP

The Republican Party continues to be very outspoken in its support of the Second Amendment that undeniably gives American citizens the right to “bear arms”, meaning the right to own, carry and use firearms to protect yourself, your family, and your property. In fact, preservation of this individual right is a fundamental part of the GOP party platform. Republicans are constantly characterized as having a mania for weapons, but their support for the amendment is more deeply rooted in upholding the fundamental principle that the Fathers of the Constitution called for. Furthermore, Republicans believe that government regulation and overregulation...

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