We Americans love our guns — and apparently, we love them twice as much as we used to.

We first twigged to this trend in 2015, when an astounding story on The Washington Post’s Wonkblog site revealed that the average number of firearms owned by a “typical gun-owning household” had roughly doubled between 1994 and 2013, to 8.1 guns per household. The trend has only gone up since.

Gun-toting America
How do we know this? A recent Harvard/Northwestern University joint study estimates that America’s 319 million citizens own about 265 million guns today. And although from 1994 to 2016 the number of Americans who own guns decreased from 25% to 22% — and has in fact been declining over the past 20 years — FBI National Instant Criminal Background Check System data show that gun sales set new records for the past 18 straight months through November.

Translation: Fewer households owning guns, but more absolute gun sales, equals an increase in the number of guns owned per gun-owning household.

Gun super-owners drive the market
Within this broader trend of fewer gun-owners owning more guns each, Fortune magazine has identified a trend of gun “super-owners,” who love guns even more than the average gun-lover. If you do the math, roughly 2% of Americans (1 in 50) now own half of the guns (50%) in America.

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