COLUMBUS – Ohioans could bring concealed guns into more places, including universities and day cares, under a bill lawmakers plan to send to Gov. John Kasich Thursday.

Controversial after the attack last month at Ohio State University, the bill would expand the list of places where Ohioans can carry a concealed handgun. Proposed additions: day cares, private aircraft, airports before the security line and universities if their boards approve concealed guns on campus. Concealed guns would not be permitted in police departments – a location stripped from the proposal Wednesday afternoon after complaints from law enforcement officers – and county commissioners could prevent concealed carry in child support enforcement agencies.

Supporters, who are largely Republicans, say arming people such as university students and staff would reduce the time an assailant could hurt more people. Their recent case study: the Nov. 28 violence at Ohio State.

Abdul Razak Ali Artan attacked 13 people, first driving into some with a car and then stabbing others with a butcher’s knife. He was stopped about a minute later by Ohio State University Officer Alan Horujko, who fatally shot Artan. Horujko quickly stopped Artan’s attack because he was in the area, helping firefighters check on a gas leak.


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