In electing Donald Trump as president, American voters “sent a loud and clear message” that gun rights are to be protected, the National Rifle Association’s chief lobbyist said.

“In the face of threats against their constitutional freedoms, NRA members and Second Amendment supporters rallied to elect a pro-gun president,” Chris Cox said in a statement. “Trump’s victory repudiates the assertion by gun control advocates that the political calculus regarding the Second Amendment has changed.”

The NRA spent millions in advertisement during the presidential election cycle. A $5 million campaign launched in September highlighted focused on a potential Hillary Clinton presidency and how, the NRA said, her administration would threaten the Second Amendment.

Trump told Cox in September that he planned to nominate Supreme Court justices who will preserve Second Amendment rights.

“Terrorists should not be able to buy guns, legally or illegally. Period,” Trump said. “At the same time, we have to protect the rights of law-abiding Americans. These are not mutually exclusive ideas – we can do both.”