The body camera video released yesterday as evidence in the up-coming 2nd degree murder trials of two Louisiana police officers isn’t particularly graphic, but it nonetheless heartbreaking.

Police have released body camera footage showing two officers firing on a car and killing a six-year-old boy in Louisiana.

Jeremy Mardis was fatally shot by officers Derrick Stafford, 32, and Norris Greenhouse Jr, 23, last November in Marksville as they pursued his father, Chris Few.

Prosecutors and defense attorneys previously described in writing how the footage depicts the shooting, which stops less than a minute into the video.

The rest of the 14 minutes of footage shows the aftermath of the shooting, as the officer with the body camera checks on the lifeless body of Jeremy Mardis while his critically wounded father lies bleeding on the pavement.
When the news media covers an officer-involved shooting, they almost always get it wrong. They simply don’t have the defensive firearms training or grasp the nuances of firearms laws, or recognize what information officers are keying off of in a deadly force encounter which influences their decision to open fire. As a result, they almost always overplay how bad a shooting is, and often portray even clearly justifiable self-defense shootings by officers as criminal acts.


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