Let’ s face it – the media can spin virtually anything anyway that they want to. For example, turn on the TV and you’ ll see reports on how out of hand gun violence has gotten in this country. Meanwhile, the facts are that violence is at all-time lows.

But it’ s still popular to attack the 2nd amendment and push towards taking away our right to own guns. Why? The obvious reason is simple – special interest groups out there pushing for their own agendas.

The NRA is one of the last remaining groups that actively fight to defend our Second Amendment right to bear arms, and they do so in the face of intense attacks by the media. That’ s also why they’ ve backed Donald Trump in this upcoming election – he is the only candidate who feels as strongly about the right to own guns as NRA members do.

Consider the basics from the two candidates regarding gun control and the Second Amendment to get a better idea as to where they stand and what they have planned if elected:

  • Clinton – Wants to increase background checks, tighten restrictions, make certain weapons out of limits, and make it harder to purchase a gun as an American. She has said that she wants to “Get guns out of the hands of people who shouldn’t have them”

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton speaks

  • Trump – Against any kind of confiscation program and believes in the right to own guns freely as an American citizen. Has said ‘We’ re going to cherish the Second Amendment

Donald Trump Talks abou NRA

In other words, only one of the two major candidates today actually believe in the constitution and the full measure of rights that it bestows on us. As such, it’ s not hard to see why the NRA backs Trump, and why so many Americans who are proud to be responsible gun owners do as well.