America was founded with several key principles in mind, and one of the biggest has always been our right to bear arms and own firearms. Over the years, the Second Amendment has been challenged, but those challenges have always fallen due to the undeniable rights that were put forth in the constitution. However, few election cycles have ever matched the level of challenges to gun ownership that the current one does.

Donald Trump Talks abou NRA

Donald Trump Talks abou NRA

The reason really comes down to something simple – the liberal media spinning recent events to suit their agenda. While it can easily be made to appear as though major mass shootings are occurring at a far more rapid rate than in the past, violent crime is actually down in the country –lower than it has been in years.

That’s a key part of why the NRA has become so important – they’re one of the only major groups out there that are still actively fighting for our rights as Americans to own guns legally. And they’ve come under fire in recent years, but have continued to stand their ground no matter what challenges may come.

It’s no surprise that the NRA backs Donald Trump when you understand those basic things. He’s one of the only candidates out there who has vocally supported the NRA and refused to start trying to confiscate guns or make it nearly impossible to purchase them. Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton discusses ways that she can restrict gun ownership in the country.

The key thing to understand here is that not everything is as it seems. While the media covers violent crime more than ever, it does so for ratings – violent crime is down. Instead of this ‘us against them’ mentality, it’s a much better idea to simply get the facts and remember that the constitution is there for a reason, and something that we should all aspire to live by.