As Americans, few things are as important to us as the foundation on which our entire country is built. And one of those fundamentals is the Second Amendment. However, it’s come under fire over the last several years, and with the upcoming presidential election it has become one of the biggest talking points on the election trail today.

If you’re one of the millions who believe in the Second Amendment, you likely want to know the basics behind just who it is that supports your beliefs. In other words, which candidate backs the Second Amendment.

Let’s look at the basic points worth understanding in regards to where each of the two major candidates stand on the subject of gun control and the 2nd Amendment:

Hillary Clinton

Supports fighting gun lobbies to reform gun laws, making it more difficult to purchase guns legally and potentially outlawing certain guns entirely.

Donald Trump

Fully supports the second amendment and opposes confiscation of firearms in any capacity.

It’s not hard to see just why the NRA has publicly supported Donald Trump. After all, he fully supports the American right to own guns, bear arms, and exercise their constitutional rights. That’s a far cry from Clinton, who continually has talked about outright fighting second amendment rights and making it harder for an American to legally own a gun.

The bottom line is simple – those who are proud of their country and who love everything that it stands for also know that the nation was built on the Second Amendment. And there is only one candidate in the race today who fully supports our right to own a gun – Trump. If you’re a supporter of the 2nd Amendment, your choice is likely clear as well, and there is really on one candidate worth paying attention to on the ballot today.